Feeding The Bodybuilder From A To Z



Lack of distribution and partition table training of the muscles in the sense of choosing corrective training system to destroy some muscle at the expense of other muscles
Stay away from the performance of lifting exercises fitness and active circulation of humans sometimes cause muscle atrophy aerobic warm-up.

Feeding player bodybuilding nutrition for bodybuilder feed for bodybuilder
Feed for bodybuilder from A to Z, since this subject is large and modern which lengthens much has compiled basic information about the complete nutrition for the bodybuilder:

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Salary food: and it is the amount of food intake during the 24 hours and must include all the food necessary for the body types of the salary food:
Salary Maintenance: is the amount of food necessary for the body to compensate for the loss compulsory in food that loses the body during the day through the movements of the heart and the stomach and intestines and respiratory movements and muscle movements Statistics estimated 2400 free are secured from the following foods:

400 g sugars 50 g fat 70 g protein salary work mental: more than pay maintenance just pay women: less than men and increases when pregnancy and lactation salary teenagers: much larger than the salary maintenance because the body in the case of building and needs of each food in large quantities salary muscle: is what matters Game bodybuilding and the increase calories needed for the body in very large quantities of proteins, carbohydrates and fat Second calories and essential nutrients: calories :
The amount of energy in food is estimated and produces 1 g of protein or carbohydrate 4 Herat either 1 g fat off that liberates 9 are free and you can see the calories for you through the following equation: the number of calories you need per day = weight in kg.

* 33 essential nutrients: protein: foodstuff is composed of carbon and hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and where there are other elements at rates a few, such as sulfur and phosphorus and the word protein is derived from the Greek and means the first or the most important and is the presence of different amounts of them also and fairly within the cells, the standard for events vital to these cells.


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