Allergic Skin Reactions In Children


Allergic Skin

Allergic rashes children is presented in the form of red spots which may be formed shallow scars. They are almost always accompanied by itching and less swelling.
Allergic rash on the face of the child – Scarlet rash, affecting not only the person but also the throat, the other parts of the body most often signal the scarlet fever. Skin while on sensation resembles sandpaper becomes very dry. Disease begins with a sharp increase in body temperature to 39 degrees

Small pimples on the face with a slightly reddish rim, watery contents may be a manifestation of varicella. Begins with the appearance of their skin redness at the place where they will be located. Just a couple of hours they turn into itchy blisters. The disease is accompanied by not eating, fever, nausea and weakness in the body as a whole.

Article Research by Joey Atlas

Cluster of blisters on reddened skin may be herpes, before their appearance, possibly fever, weakness and soreness of the skin. Toddlers often enhanced secretion of saliva. Basically herpes settles on the lips.

In children older than 2 years may appear folliculitis. It is a festering rash, no larger than a grain. After a time, they are covered by a crust and require treatment with antibacterial ointments.

Pimples on the face of the child – treatment – All types of acne but white and hormonal acne in infants should be treated. However, those methods of treating certain types differ.


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