The Types Of Acne


The Types Of Acne

The types of acne
How about most of us well know, acne can take on themselves various forms. Existing forms of acne are not different only in terms of the appearance of individual pimples, but also in how these his forms arise. Which of course then has a certain influence on which treatments are in which case the most appropriate. Having thus at least a basic knowledge of several major types of acne is therefore very important for anyone with acne on their skin ever met. Even if it had to be the worst moments have long gone, completely won will never have. Indeed Acne can strike again at any time. check the real deal
Safely most popular type of acne called come-ons, which reliably distinguish by their characteristic white heads. Comedian acne as such belong to the so-called type I, which includes less severe forms of the disease. In the case of white heads so we usually have to do with non-inflammatory acne, which occurs in a similar manner as well as well-known black dots.

Comedowns occurring in various parts of the body connects that their heads are not the result of a complete closure of the passage of the sebaceous glands due to strong microorganisms, but on the contrary, this passage only narrowed.


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